Fruit & Vegetable Processing


Many fruit and vegetable produce processors are choosing the Accu-Tab ® system to replace traditional gas and bleach systems.

The Accu-Tab System Advantage
  • Enhance food safety to meet HACCP requirements
  • Tighter control of chlorine levels results in more consistent product quality and less chlorine usage
  • Calcium hypochlorite reduces post-harvest disease and may extend product shelf life
  • Controllable dosage eliminates bacteria contamination
  • Requires less pH adjustment
  • Lower chemical costs than with bleach
  • Added safety for unskilled workers from splash and spills
Accu-Tab System Applications

  • Fruit & Vegetable Washing
    • Chiller water sprays
    • Dip water tank
    • Tank wash
  • Fresh-cut
    • Flume water
    • Spray bars
Applicable Certifications
  • NSF International White Book™ listed as NSF Registered Proprietary Substances and Non-food compounds for D2, G4, G5, G7, and Q4
  • FDA acceptable for use as a sanitizing solution per 21CFR 178.1010