CLP Pressure Feed Chlorinator

SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator Series CLP-1
Direct Cylinder Mounted - Pressure Feed Type


Designed specifically for use where there is no electric power available to operate a booster pump, or no pressurized water supply offering a sufficient pressure differential for a vacuum operated, solution feed chlorinator.

The SUPEROR Model CLP-1 clamps directly onto the chlorine cylinder valve with a positive yoke-type connection and is operated by the chlorine cylinder gas pressure to feed chlorine gas directly into water.

The Model CLP-1 is manually controlled to feed chlorine gas directly into the water at a constant, greatly reduced pressure through plastic tubing which connects the chlorinator to a check valve/diffuser assembly located at the point of chlorine injection.

NOTE: Pressure feed type gas chlorinators are only recommended in installations where there is no electric power or sufficient water pressure differential available which would enable the use of a vacuum solution feed chlorinator. All-vacuum systems are obviously safer than pressure feed systems and should be used whenever possible. (Not sold in the US)


CLP Pressure Feed Chlorinator