Chlorination Systems

PPG engineers designed the Accu-Tab ® chlorination system to consistently deliver not only chlorine but also low maintenance and long-lasting performance.

The system combines simple, patented chlorinators with slow-release calcium hypochlorite tablets to provide consistent and controllable chlorine dosages regardless of size and demand.  Our systems have accurately chlorinated water plants as large as 14 million gallons per day—with chlorine demands exceeding 400 pounds per day—and water wells as small as 35 gallons per minute.

Accu-Tab PowerPro ® systems are turnkey solutions to your chlorination needs and are available in both gravity and pressure return models.  If you need a chlorinator, just ask.  All of our models are NSF-listed and feature a simple “hook-up/plug-in” installation that expedites conversion from your old system.

Our network of specialists is available to assist you in all stages of system design.  We also have a compact disk filled with AutoCAD drawings, sizing guidelines, installation instructions, and material safety data sheets.  If you are interested in receiving a copy of the CD,
call 480-496-5757 ext 213 or email to:

PowerPro Systems
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