The Accu-Tab system is the total solution for all your chlorination needs.  Fitting all industrial/municipal applications, we custom manufacture high-quality tablet chlorination systems that stand up to tough water conditions and rigorous industry and governmental standards—safely, simply, accurately, and with minimal maintenance.

Our pioneering work in erosion-modified chlorinators and three-inch sustainable hypochlorite tablets has resulted in patented and NSF-listed technology that, when used with our chlorination units, delivers required chlorination levels without the hassles or high costs associated with other chlorination programs.

Precisely engineered yet affordable, the robust Accu-Tab system is a recognized leader in chlorination.  Here’s why so many are switching to the Accu-Tab system:

  • Safer One person simply places Accu-Tab tablets into the chlorinator.  There are no gas leaks or bleach spills and no special containment measures or elaborate safety equipment.  In addition, Accu-Tab tablets are manufactured to high standards of chemical purity and physical integrity.
  • Simpler Unlike gas or bleach, Accu-Tab tablets are easy to store and handle.  They are shipped in convenient 55-pound pails, each of which is nearly equivalent to a 55-gallon drum of bleach weighing more than 500 pounds.  For industrial high-chlorine situations, we also offer the tablets in 400-pound bulk bags with lifting straps.
  • More Accurate The Accu-Tab system is as accurate as gas, more consistent than bleach, and easier to maintain than both. The system—chlorinator and tablets—automatically delivers the precise level of chlorine you need.

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Accu-Tab ® System Chlorinators

Low Maintenance Our patented erosion chlorinators, which are in and at the heart of our systems, have no moving parts or small openings to clog, and they eliminate the need for metering pumps and part replacements.  In most cases, that cuts maintenance to simply cleaning your chlorinator once a year compared to once a week for other systems.  There’s no need to buy proprietary cleaning agents, dispose of insolubles, or disassemble and soak multiple parts.

Like any well-designed system, Accu-Tabsystems are long-lasting and offer peak performance every single day.  The chlorinators are solidly built, and the tablets are formulated to meet high quality standards and provide consistent delivery rates.  This powerful combination is your clear and complete chlorination solution.

Accu-Tab® systems are made in the USA.