Comparison Chart

The Accu-Tab ® System vs. Bleach and Gas

Accu-Tab System Bleach Gas
Safety Easy to handle; no spills Spill and leak concerns Major gas leak concerns
Charging chemical Easy to add tablets; only one person needed Hard to maneuver; heavy drums or lots of small carboys Two trained persons needed; breathing protection required
Chemical balance No bicarbonate use and less acid use High TDS levels; high acid use for pH control High bicarbonate use to balance pH
Material compatibility More neutral pH; less corrosive High pH; corrosive Low pH; very corrosive
Convenience 55-lb. pail of tablets easy to handle Bleach drums awkward to handle Hard to maneuver cylinders; special handling training needed
Chlorine strength Small change over a year Significant loss in a week Consistently 100% chlorine
Chlorine delivery control Consistent strength makes for easy, reliable control Ever-changing strength makes control difficult Troublesome regulators needed; harder to automate
Storage convenience 55-lb. pails stacked three high; same space as 150-lb. cylinder; no separate room Drum deposits; bulk tanks or drums require space and possibly containment pad Separate room with special access needed; fans, scrubbers
Auxiliary equipment No moving parts in chlorinator itself Troublesome metering pumps required Eductors, regulators have small orifices prone to plugging

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