Water and Wastewater Superintendent

You are responsible for ensuring your water and wastewater are free from illness-causing bacteria, so you need to be confident that the chlorination system you’re using will meet stringent regulatory requirements.

At PPG, we’ve worked with municipal authorities for years, engineering our NSF-listed Accu-Tab ® chlorination systems to accurately and automatically deliver continuous, steady chlorination with residuals to the ends of the system.

We provide a turnkey system incorporating a chlorinator that allows you to inject the chlorine solution into a pressurized line. Built of high-quality, non-corrosive materials, our chlorinators are long-lasting and contain no moving parts that need to be replaced, repaired, or inventoried.  In most cases, maintenance is as easy as cleaning your chlorinator just once a year compared to once a week with other systems.  Our Accu-Tab tablets also help eliminate the safety, handling, and cost issues you encounter with gas and bleach, and the simplicity of the system means less operator training.

Accu-Tab systems are supported by our network of distributors and locally based specialists who are trained on our products.  Because a network member is close by, you get products when you need them as well as fast, reliable, and personalized system installation and service.

For more information on how the Accu-Tab system is right for your application, call  480-496-5757 ext 213 or email to:

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