Beverage Plants

Many beverage producers are choosing the Accu-Tab ® system to replace traditional gas and bleach systems.

The Accu-Tab System Advantage

  • Safer than chlorine gas and sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
  • Taste consistency is not an issue
  • Significant lower chlorate addition compared to bleach
  • Accurate and controllable chlorine delivery

Accu-Tab System Applications

  • Super chlorinates incoming city water
  • Supplement to reverse osmosis system
  • Bottle and canning rinses

Applicable Certifications

  • Accu-Tab chlorinators are NSF 61 listed as drinking water system components
  • Accu-Tab tablets are NSF 60 listed as drinking water treatment chemicals
  • NSF International White Book™ listed as NSF Registered Proprietary Substances and Non-food Compounds for D2, G4, G5, G7 and Q4
  • FDA acceptable for use as a sanitizing solution per 21CFR 178.1010
  • EPA registered for potable/industrial water chlorination