Drinking Water

The Accu-Tab ® system can be used in essentially any clean-process water stream where controlled chlorine is needed as a biocide or sanitizer.

The Accu-Tab System Advantage

  • Chlorine delivery is accurate, plus it reaches the ends of the distribution system
  • Fewer odor and taste complaints
  • No gas releases or chlorine spills for improved personnel safety
  • Simple installation and low maintenance
  • Product transportation simply involves one person and non-poisonous placarding
  • Reduced vulnerability and risk management plans

Accu-Tab System Applications

  • Well water
  • Pre- and post-chlorination
  • Booster stations
  • Supplement to UV
  • Backup to chlorine alternatives

Applicable Certifications

  • Accu-Tab chlorinators are NSF 61 listed as drinking water system components
  • Accu-Tab tablets are NSF 60 listed as drinking water treatment chemicals